Group Learning

Home Schooling
Implementing a standards-based curriculum can be difficult.  Having someone with experience on your side in indispensable.  Square Peg Learning can help design and implement curriculum, creatively enrich your plan, or teach your group in a way that matches each student’s skill and aptitude.  Planning meetings and classroom teaching will solidify a curriculum and make a parent’s job easier.

Learning Style Diagnostics
Often students are not successful because they do not understand the way their brain works.   Our adaptive approach helps students uncover their own talents naturally in a way that sticks.  From learning disability work-arounds, to discovery of a student’s learning style mix, Square Peg Learning will give your student command over their education.

IEP Consultation
An IEP or 504 document can add stress and confusion to frustrated parents, overworked teachers, and confused students.  Having someone on your side with public school experience to navigate and find creative solutions is important.  Alleviate guesswork and have an expert look at your plan.