What People Are Saying.

“Ben’s a natural teacher and really engaging with high school students. We’ve hired numerous tutors for our two Garfield students over the years and Ben has been the most effective. He helped our sophomore son with learning differences stay on track in pre-calculus and chemistry. He helped our freshman daughter with algebra II, building her math confidence along the way. Ben’s energy and good humor made all the difference.”
-Ruth M.

“I am very pleased at your progress with C.  He very much enjoys his time with you and I do see improvement and am sure that I will continue to see progress.  You are obviously dedicated to teaching and we are very fortunate that you are dedicated to C and his success.”
-Holly K.

“Ben has been my son’s math tutor for almost a year.  Math has always been a huge struggle for him.  Ben has helped him immeasurably, he just received a B for his first quarter grade, his highest math grade since he entered high school.  Ben is reliable, easy to contact, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a math tutor.”
-Courtenay D.

“We hired Ben to help our son get over a mental block he had about math. He would say that it was too hard, that he was stupid at it, and throw all of his energy into proving those sentiments true. Homework time was awful! After eight sessions with Ben, his confidence is up and his general comprehension much improved. Homework is no longer a battle for our family, and we will keep using the skills Ben taught us to keep it that way!”
-Bevin K.